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About Yonderlea Farm


 When we have goats available for sale



Wethers are $125 each or two for $225

Pet Quality Does start at $250

Breeding Quality Does start at $300

Higher Quality does and doelings start at $350

If selling a buck that is finished being used for breeding here they start at $350


Wethers are $400 each

Does start at $450 and may go up from there


  If you would like to reserve a kid we ask for a $50 non refundable deposit.  Deposit will be credited towards purchase price of the animal. Deposit may be transferred to another animal if needed but is not refundable.  Kids are usually ready to go to their new homes between 8-12 weeks of age. Once purchased they need to be picked up on time by appointment.  Daily boarding fees may be charged if kids are left longer than original pick up time agreed upon. 

  We do our best to place goats into homes where they will get great care and lots of TLC. A goat may not live alone, they must have at least one other goat to live with. They are herd animals and are happier and healthier living as part of a goat family.

  We do our best to have animals in the best of health when they leave our farm.  Once they leave our farm we can no longer guarantee their health. We will try to help new owners with any questions.  We recommend having a good relationship with a Veterinarian who can treat goats before you ever have a need for the Vet. 


We recommend Veterinary Services of Oregon

Herd Health

We will test every few years for CAE/CL and Johnes, as all animals have come from CAE/CL/Johnes free farms and have tested negative(WADDL).  We do vaccinate. We provide hoof trimming, deworming and external parasite control as needed. Our girls have free choice access to trace mineral salts. Right now most of our babies are dam raised.  We feed alfalfa or grass hay depending on the season and does get a small amount of grain.  We rotate pasture often with our electric net fencing.

Premier 1 is the best for electric net fencing. 

Our girls enjoy life and our bucks are loved!


We have a SIMPLE PULSE milk machine!  It is so great!  Sometimes we still hand milk, but the machine is so easy to use!  We are still learning so much about keeping dairy goats.  We've had goats for over 20 years but have only had dairy goats since 2012.  Nigerian Dwarfs are great goats!  Milk is handled as cleanly and as carefully as possible.  We drink the creamy milk when we have more than we can use to make cheese. 

Chevre is our favorite.  Check out New England Cheesemaking for all things cheese.  

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