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For Sale

I am downsizing Nigerians so here is a list of available does

Maid Marian - Sale Pending

Gidget - Sale Pending

Ella - Sale Pending


Pinkie Pie - $250

She's a Keeper - $350

I also have 2 Boer doelings available, they have been disbudded, born 3/8/23  $400 each

Yonderlea Farm Goat Sales Information


Our goal is to produce as high of quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats as possible. We strive to meet the American Dairy Goat Associations breed standard for the Nigerian Dwarf. Because of this we will seldom have bucks born here available for sale. All bucks will be sold as wethers unless special arrangements have been made. If a doe or doeling is found to have an undesirable trait they may be priced for sale as “pet quality” and be sold with out registration papers, with an agreement not to be bred. Lesser quality does may be sold as home milkers or pets with or without registration papers.




Wethers are $125 each or two for $225

Pet Quality Does start at $250

Breeding Quality Does start at $300

Higher Quality does and doelings start at $350

If selling a buck that is finished being used for breeding here they start at $350


Wethers are $400 each

Does start at $450 and may go up from there

Once an agreement is made for a sale there must be arrangements made for the animal to be picked up within 7 days. If Yonderlea Farm is to hold an animal for longer there will be a $10 per week charge for boarding.


All animals will leave in good health.

However once they leave Yonderlea Farm we are no longer able to make any guarantee of health.

Our herd is tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johnes Last test date____May 2020__January 2022__

All animals will be up to date on CD&T vaccinations.

They will be symptom free for intestinal parasites and up to date on external parasite preventative/treatment.

Hoof care will be up to date.

Please use a dog crate or other suitable means of containment for transportation from Yonderlea Farm

We are here to help and enjoy sharing goat information and experiences, however there is no substitute for a good working relationship with an experienced goat veterinarian. We recommended  Veterinary Services of Oregon

All sales are final and must be paid in full before animal is released to new owner. Cash is best. We also accept Venmo or paypal with an added 4% processing fee

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