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Goats are social animals and need to be kept in pairs (at very minimum)  They seem to be most content when there are at least 3-5


They need proper and safe fencing to keep them in and predators out

They require adequate shelter from the elements

–       large enough for all to get under cover

–       cleaned on regular basis

–       out of wind, rain and sun

–       good ventilation, but not overly breezy


They need to have access to forage or browse and/or good grass hay

all the time, in addition to fresh clean water


Grain is okay in small amounts or as needed for life stage, however wethers and bucks do not need any grain except for special circumstances and wethers especially are prone to urinary stones that can be extremely painful and even result in death


They need to have a goat specific mineral/salt offered free choice

          goats need copper, which is poisonous to sheep


They need hoof care(trimmings) on a regular basis/as needed to maintain proper foot health  Depending on the goat, time of year and ground type this could be once a month or every other month


They need to have internal and external parasites managed

        preform regular visual checks for external

               have fecals run on recommended schedule or if a problem is  suspected (weight loss, diarrhea, coughing, generally un-thrifty                             appearance, etc.)

        and then treatment as directed by your veterinarian when needed


We highly recommend having a good relationship with a goat knowledgeable veterinarian and recommend

                                           Dr Ben Wustenberg of Veterinarian Services of Oregon if you don't already have a vet.

Vaccines (usually CD&T annually)  and any blood testing - please follow the guidelines of your vet

A thermometer is a great item to always have on hand for your goats!  If you suspect your goat is not feeling well- get a temp!

Goat Basics

Lifespan : 8-12 years

(although I've had one live to nearly 17 years old)

Normal Temperature

Adults: 100.5-103.5*F  Kids: 102-104*F


Normal Pulse (beats/minute)

Adults:70-90  Kids: 90-150


Normal Respiration (breaths/minute)

Adults: 15-30  Kids: 20-40

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